About JRA

About John R. Adolph

John "Robert" Adolph was born April 9, 1966 in Houston, Texas to the proud parents of Pastor Seymour V. Adolph Sr. and the lateDr. Adolph Sis. Barbara Adolph. He attended East Houston Elementary School, Kirby Middle School and Smiley Senior High School. In 1984 he entered Texas Southern University on a full scholarship and received a BBA Degree in December 1989.         

In April 1992, God in His sovereign wisdom, called John to preach and proclaim the word of God. On May 31, 1992 he was licensed and later ordained in October 1995 at New Hope Baptist Church, Houston, Texas by his father Rev. Seymour V. Adolph, Sr. who serves as pastor. 

In his perpetual pursuit to know more about the ministry and serving humanity for the cause of Christ, Pastor Adolph then entered theological seminary at Morehouse School of Religion in Atlanta, Georgia where he received his Master of Divinity Degree.

In 1996, God navigated John’s life to move to Beaumont, TX where he serves as the proud pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.  Upon his installment as pastor the membership was approximately 200 members.  Through his inspirational teaching, preaching and leadership, the ministry of Antioch has grown to well over 7,000 members and continues to grow each and every Sunday.  Since becoming pastor, he has implemented over 60 active in-house and several outside ministries. 

Dr. AdolphWith a strong passion for lost souls and a desire to be the best that he can and while pastoring, Pastor Adolph began his studies to pursue a doctorate degree in the ministry.  In May 1999, he completed his quest of Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Houston Graduate School of Theology.                                                

Dr. Adolph, in addition to being Pastor of Antioch, is the President of the One Church One Child of Southeast Texas, a mentor in the "I Have A Dream" program, an active member of the NAACP, facilitator of the extension program of Interdenominational Theological Center - Morehouse School of Religion, a member of the National Baptist Convention of USA, a member of the Clergy in Schools program, and a member of the Baptist Ministerial Alliance.  He also serves on the boards of the Metropolitan YMCA Region Y's, Some Other Place and the Southeast Texas Family Health and Resource Services.   He was also chosen as the Civic Leader for Lamar University Student Government Association for 2006-2007. 

But most importantly, Dr. John R. Adolph is a saved and born again believer.  He is a Spirit filled, Bible believing and a Resurrection Sharing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is the proud Pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Beaumont, TX of 13 years.     

Pastor Adolph is married to the love of his life, Dorrie Eileen and they have two beautiful children, Sumone and Jonathan.